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Empordà PDO

El Empordà has a deep-rooted tradition of olive tree growing dating back to when the Greeks arrived in the sixth century BC and founded the settlements of Empùries and Roses, which went on to become highly important trade routes.

This tradition was continued by the Romans and the Benedictine monks and covers a vast geographical area with more than two thousand hectares of olive trees and excellent olive production quality. Its quality is guaranteed by the Designation of Origin created in 2008. The towns comprising it are those which form part of the two Empordà districts, as well as some from El Gironès and El Pla de l'Estany.

The quality and uniqueness of the oil of the Protected Designation of Origin Oli de l'Empordà are based on the specific varieties of olives of the region: Argudell, Corivell and Verdal (also called Llei de Cadaqués), to which was added the Arbequine, introduced at the end of the 20th century. Empordà oil is clear, clean and transparent. It is also complex, with aromas reminiscent of fennel, almond and aniseed. Its taste and the sensations it awakens change according to the fruit that produced it. The Argudell and Corivell varieties offer a delicate balance between bittersweet and sweet, while the Llei de Cadaqués gives a fruity, ripe oil with a hint of spiciness.

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