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Les Garrigues PDO

The comarca of Les Garrigues is one of the Catalan districts with the longest tradition in the production of oil. It is for good reason that it is holder of the oldest Designation of Origin in Spain.

This tree is grown in every small corner, on staggered terraces with dry stone walls and on terrain where dry stone vaulted cabins are often half-hidden from view. Autumn is harvest time and, as well as the splendour and activity of the olive growing landscapes, this is also the moment to see the process by which olive oil is produced at the mills of the cooperatives which are present in each village.

The extraordinary quality of this oil is the result of different factors: painstaking cultivation techniques, the climatic conditions of the area, the use of two varieties, arbequina and verdiella, the fact that the olives are picked directly from the tree using a system referred to as pentinat, and a completely cold production process. The result is a fruity oil that is fresh, intense and full of flavour with aromas reminiscent of grass, leaves, tomato and green almond.

Olive oil can be purchased directly in the cooperatives and other shops in Catalonia, and always features the Designation of Origin label. Another good place to purchase it is at the Fira de l'Oli, which has been held in late January in Les Borges Blanques since 1997. During the fair, there are oil tastings, gastronomic day events and other activities related to this product.

Tours & Excursions

One of the highlights of any tour of Les Garrigues is visiting the Parc Temàtic de l'Oli, a foundation with its headquarters in La Masia Salat, in Les Borges Blanques. There you will have the opportunity to see the largest oil press in the world and many thousand-year-old olive trees from Roman times.

As well as the DOP Les Garrigues, olive oil is also an important product in the comarca of La Noguera, with a presence at its food fairs and it is possible to enjoy guided visits to the premises belonging to the Association of Olive Oil Mills of La Noguera.

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