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Terra Alta PDO

In La Terra Alta, more specifically in the village of Horta de Sant Joan, oil has been being produced for more than a thousand years as is where the oldest olive trees in Catalonia can be found.

Its excellent quality is protected by a Designation of Origin which did not take long to gain recognition. To be eligible for it, no more than 24 hours are allowed to elapse between picking the olive and grinding it. Moreover, it is essential to use physical means only.

Concerning varieties, empeltre is primarily used although arbequina, farga and morruda are also usual. The olives are picked by hand and any which may have fallen to the ground, or are blemished in any way, are discarded. The transport to the mill is done using perforated boxes to ensure that the olives do not deteriorate.

The result is an oil yellow to gold in colour which has a sweet and pungent, very balanced aroma. The flavours and smell of this olive oil resemble that of almonds and unripe walnuts. All stages of processing and production of this oil, including bottling, must take place in the region of Terra Alta.

As you would imagine the traditional cuisine of Terra Alta has different typical dishes where oil plays an important role such as empedrat, a salad made with lettuce and pears, fried tuna or pasta with mushrooms and an olive paste sauce.

Tours & Excursions

Throughout the year there are fairs dedicated to promoting local produce: the Festa de l'Oli in Fatarella, early in December and the Fira Intercomarcal de l'Oli in Móra la Nova, on the last weekend of January.

No visit to the village of Horta de Sant Joan without visiting Lo Parot one of oldest olive trees in Catalonia and declared monumental trees by the Generalitat de Catalunya. Another must-visit landmark is visiting the Arión Museum which is like no other museum. First of all, it’s completely outdoors. Second, it holds the most extensive collection of millenary olive trees in the whole Iberian Peninsula and probably in the whole world. At the end of the route, you can admire the 8.05 meters perimeter of the Farga del Arión. It is one of the two olive trees of the property declared monumental trees by the Generalitat de Catalunya

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