Wine Tours & Holidays Catalonia

Tarragona, Girona, Lerida, Barcelona

The winemaking tradition in Catalonia is older than its own history, and wine is an indispensable element of Catalan and Mediterranean culture. The Phoenicians and Romans introduced the cultivation of the vine and since then wine has been part of Catalan daily life, culture and moments of celebration.

Catalonia has exceptional natural conditions: a great diversity of soils, microclimates and orographic conditions, and a geographical location that has allowed the region to achieve variety, quality and continuity of its oenological potential.

Choose to discover Catalonia differently, through its wine! Catalonia is a region of wine treasures with 12 appellations, including the famous Priorat, the sparkling Cava, the elegant Empordà or Alella a few kilometres from Barcelona. The thousand-year-old Catalan vineyard offers a diversity of breathtaking landscapes, in the heart of the countryside and by the sea.