La Fête du Cognac

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The Fête du Cognac was born in 1997 is a French music and food festival, welcoming people to come and discover the culinary and cultural delights of the Charente region.

Every summer, the Fête du Cognac takes place on the marina to discover the Cognac aperitif served as a long drink, in cocktails or as a Summit around seven bars. A large majority of the cognacs come from the wine estates of the Young Farmers of Charente and Charente-Maritime. You can dine on the spot, in the pleasant setting of the banks of the Charente, and enjoy regional Charente products (cagouilles, mussels, oysters, melons etc.).

But the festival doesn't stop there as from 9pm, when the sun sets, the public starts dancing. The port of Cognac is transformed into a real musical event thanks to its emblematic concerts which bring the evenings to a close.

La Fête du Cognac is now one of the unmissable summer events in Cognac. The Cognac Festival is a popular event aimed at promoting the region's wine products, particularly cognac, a fine brandy made from grapes. Cognac is celebrated, of course, but so are pineau des Charentes, Charentais local wines (vins de pays) and regional products like Charentais melon or Marennes oysters.

A dozen fishermen's huts are converted for the occasion on the shaded quays of the marina. In a sociable, laid-back atmosphere, visitors can sit around the tables and sample regional products served with local wine or savour delicious cognac cocktails.

Those delights include a huge range of local delicacies, such as oysters, mussels, meat and cheese, as well as a fine selection of Charentais wines, pineau, and of course cognac, across the festival's seven bars. But food and drink aren’t the only reasons to head to La Fête du Cognac, as each evening there'll be performances from artists from across the musical spectrum.