Dijon International Gastronomy Fair

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Every year the Dijon International Gastronomy Fair takes up residence for two weeks in November. This is a major event in Burgundy, attracts several hundred thousand visitors keen on discussing and enjoying good food.

For over 80 years Dijon has welcomed the premier economic and popular event in Burgundy over 15 days. Every year the International Gastronomy Fair draws a crowd of over 200,000 people and 600 exhibitors. This is a is one of a kind fair and pays homage, as the title suggests, to find local products.

We all know the French not only love good food but create sensational food. However, in Burgundy, many would say the finest of the finest flavours, ingredients and techniques are melded together into the world’s best cuisine.

During this celebration of all things gastronomic, crowds from all over the world arrive in Dijon, all in search of new ideas, new flavours, new approaches and new ways of adding creative cuisine to our plates. And, yes, championing the traditional methods as well.

The vast halls of the fair will be packed with exhibitors of all descriptions. There will be geographic regions keen to showcase their unique culinary offerings, and regional producers specialising in foie gras, duck-based ingredients, chocolate, crêpes, mustard, olives, nougat, escargots, paella, charcuterie, speciality flours, speciality vinegar. Chances are that any culinary product awarding itself the prefix ‘speciality’ will be there. And, it goes without saying, lots and lots of cheese.

Let’s not forget the wine, there will be everything to do with wine. Not just wines from every corner of France, well known and otherwise, but all manner of kit to store your wine, to maintain your cellar, to ensure correct temperatures. As well as wine other alcoholic beverages will be on display too. Rum from Réunion, Pineau des Charentes, Normandy ciders, Cognacs, Armagnacs, Champagne houses, producers of Cassis liqueur and more.

By visiting the Dijon International Gastronomy Fair you will have a great opportunity to sample delicious food, as well as learning more about the dynamic initiatives of the industry celebrated in France