Bordeaux Fête Le Fleuve

Upcoming Events

Every second year, the Bordeaux ‘Fête Le Fleuve’ takes place in Bordeaux with the next event being planned for 2021.

The ‘Bordeaux Fête Le Fleuve’ festival will take over the city docks again in 2021’. On the programme are free concerts, sailing boats, nautical activities, food stalls and a white wine festival, exhibitions and culminating in a firework display over the Garonne.

Legendary sailing ships will be docked for the occasion and promises to be one of the highlights of the festival, alongside a rich program of events on the banks of the Garonne. Numerous waterborne activities will take place from the docks of the Garonne over the four days: a rowing race, the arrival of regattas and water rides. For athletes, a new edition of the Traversée de Bordeaux swimming will be organised.

During the festival, you can also board barges, yachts and ‘day cruisers’ to enjoy the entertainment on the river and admire the tall ships close-up. A dozen small sailboats will travel from the mouth of the estuary to the heart of Bordeaux.

The Garonne River has been an enormous part of the life of this city throughout the history of Bordeaux. It was used as the fastest way to travel throughout Aquitaine and southern France during Roman times and has been the lifeblood and main artery of the region ever since. The Fete le Fleuve takes place every other year (alternating with the Bordeaux Wine Festival), and is a celebration of the river, and an amazing spectacle of water sports, sailing and river-based entertainment. Featuring shows, river trips, concerts, feasts, fireworks, and a traditional mass swim across the Garonne to round the whole thing off.

If you are wondering what a “fleuve” is? A fleuve is a large river which flows directly into the sea. Not to be mistaken for a rivière which is a river which flows in a fleuve or another rivière. There is also a “ruisseau” which is a small stream.

More information on this event will be posted on this page next year…