Marathon du Golfe de Saint Tropez

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Marathon du Golfe de Saint Tropez is a great way to discover the mythical Gulf of Saint-Tropez in a unique race combining sea, vineyards, hills and scrubland.

Attracting lots of international runners some 5,000 runners and more are expected to attend the event as well as 15,000 visitors. Runners from all over the world will be able to discover the magnificent landscapes of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez in a festive atmosphere.

Like the Marathon du Médoc or the Vineyards of Alsace, along the 42,195 km of the course, the runners will be refreshed in true French style with not only water but Provençal wine, coming from the vineyards that mark the journey.

The Marathon starts in Sainte-Maxime and finishes in Cavalaire by way of some of the most beautiful locations on The Gulf of Saint-Tropez including; Sainte-Maxime, Le Plan de la Tour, La Garde-Freinet, Grimaud, Cogolin, La Mole, Gassin, Saint-Tropez, Ramatuelle, La Croix Valmer and Cavalaire-sur-Mer

Route of the Marathon

Sainte-Maxime: Backed by its marina, is a popular seaside resort in the Mediterranean, linked to the Massif des Maures by a vast wooded area that extends far beyond the surrounding hills. The most populated city of the Gulf cultivates a sense of welcome and is undeniably one of the most lively in the area.

Grimaud: Grimaud offers a concentration of the best attractions of the South: a walk around the medieval village, the castle, the mill, the vineyards, the beaches, without forgetting a rare pearl: the lakeside town of Port-Grimaud.

Cogolin: Ideally situated between land and sea, Cogolin is an endearing village with many facets. Detour in eternal Provence, to meet our craftsmen of art, an unusual cultural heritage, without forgetting this door open on the sea ...

Gassin: Situated on the top of a steep hill, the village of Gassin offers an exceptional circular view of the Maures, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and beyond to the Golden Islands, overlooking a picturesque landscape of vineyards and forests.

Saint Tropez: Just one last turn and the pinkish-orange village appears in an ocean of greenery... The rest is magic, and the fascination is still there. The soul of Saint-Tropez, a city of art, culture and traditions, is doubled in springtime with a lighter and more festive side.

Ramatuelle: Nestled on a hillside in the heart of sublime landscapes, the village of Ramatuelle overlooks a land of vineyards that slopes gently down to the beach of Pampelonne. Towards the south, pine forests border wild capes of eternal beauty that complete the decor of this parcel of Provence set on the French Riviera.

La Croix Valmer: Discreet creeks, long sandy beaches, vineyards stretching down to the sea, classified capes, La Croix Valmer presents a wealth of landscapes of exceptional beauty, with the asserted will to protect this environmental wealth for future generations.

Cavalaire sur Mer: The bay of Cavalaire, bordered by fine sandy beaches and protected by a circus of wooded hills, enjoys an exceptionally mild climate all year round. This seaside resort, amazing and discreet, allows you to dose the clever cocktail of family happiness with your feet in the water.