Festival International de Pétanque

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The Festival International de Pétanque de Millau takes place at the Parc de la Victoire de Millau in Aveyron, in August each year.

Geologically, Millau is located in the Aveyron department in the French Occitanie region in southern France. Located at the confluence of the rivers Tarn and Dourbie it is surrounded by the landscapes of Gorges du Tarn, Causse du Larzac and Causse Noir

Starting in 1981 for 34 years, Le Mondial de Millau was one of the most important pétanque competitions (perhaps the most important competition) in France and in the world, attracting the world’s top pétanque players. After the Le Mondial de Millau ended in a flood of controversy, a new group was organized to create a replacement for it.

The Association de Gestion Sportive Millavoise (AGSM) was created in order to host a Festival International de Pétanque Évenement de Millau (FIPEM). In 2016, only 500 players participated in the festival. The festival acquired new organizers, who managed to recruit more volunteers and to partner with a local petanque club, Pétanque Club Joyeuse Millau.

The competition takes place in the Parc de la Victoire and will welcome great champions such as Marco Foyot,Dylan Rocher, Bruno Rocher, Stéphane Robineau, Simon Cortes, Jean Feltain, Maison Durk, Fabien Sauvage, Benoit Monros and let us not forget the women: Patricia Foyot, Fabienne Chapus, Magali Camboulas, Arlette Barthe, Magali Saez, Marie Christine Virebayre as well as many teams from numerous countries.

Festival International de Pétanque Evénement de Millau is one of the big three Pétanque competitions held in France every year. Starting with La Marseillaise in early July, the Mondial de Millau the week of August 15 and finishing with the Mondial des Volcans the first week of August.”