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It is not hard to guess why the Grand-Est region is famous, since the world's most celebrated party drink champagne is produced here.

As well as the Champagne and Alsace’s wine routes, sure to excite oenophile, nature lovers particularly come to Grand Est to experience the natural beauty in the many national parks. As the only region in France to border Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland, its geographical location makes it a cultural melting pot. Thus, the region's gastronomy is primarily influenced by its bordering neighbours, with most of the cuisine inspired by the tastes and aromas of Germany. There is no shortage of culture, flavours, or things to do in Grand Est.

World Famous Wine Routes

To discover the Champagne wines and the ‘terroir’, one simply needs to take the scenic Route du Champagne! This well signposted itinerary winds through the vineyards, amongst chateaux, churches and picturesque villages standing atop gentle hills.

Our Partners

From five-star resorts, boutiques with direct beach access to luxurious chateaux set in the vineyards in destinations including Reims, Strasbourg, Colmar, Epernay and Champagne. We have partnered with some of the most desirable accommodation providers in the region to compliment your visit to Grand-Est.

Tailor-Made Holidays

A tailor-made holiday is designed just for you. There’s a world of life-changing experiences out there, and our tailor-made luxury holidays are hand-crafted to showcase the very best of the region you plan to visit. But what happens if you want to take a detour? stay awhile longer? or are just looking for something completely different?

That is where we come in! We can create a one of a kind bespoke holiday, plan a tailored itinerary from scratch or amend one of our existing packages to suit your specific needs. We will arrange your hotel upgrades, extra nights, special dining options, wine tours, access to private golf courses or sporting events and much more. It is your holiday after all.