Discover Ariège

2 Nights + Tour of Ariège

Discover the Ariège and its great classified sites on the Foix and Montségur sides: the castles of the history of the Bonhomme’s and a marvel of the prehistoric art in the decorated pre-historic cave of Niaux.

Gite Information (La Ciboulette, Foix)

La Ciboulette is an old forge dating from the 1800s, with exposed stonework, and located minutes from Foix, a medieval town and ancient county town dominated by the prestigious castle on its rocky peak. The spacious rooms with warm and luminous tones will transport you to a place of tranquillity. A stream crosses the grounds and offers a great place to relax and enjoy your meals with a stunning view of the countryside.

Day One (Châteaux de Foix & Château de Lagarde)

After dropping off your bags at your hotel, in the morning we visit the Châteaux de Foix, the capital of the medieval Counts of Foix, who were major players in the Cathar Wars, and the ablest and accomplished commanders on the side of the Occitan forces. The castle and museum tour will also allow you to discover the history of the county of Foix, the city and the Castle, of Catharism but also to better understand daily life and the splendour of the court of counts in the Middle Ages. After lunch in the village, we are back on the road to Château de Lagarde. Located not far from Mirepoix, this ruined castle is impressive by its size, its geographical situation and its beauty remain. The first Château de Lagarde, an imposing square tower was built between 1063 and 1065 by Ramire 1st of Navarre King of Aragon Count of Barcelona. Then it was enlarged in the 12th century to 4 square towers and a drawbridge.

Day 1 ends in Foix for an evening of relaxation before your trip to Montségur tomorrow

Day Two (Niaux Cave & Montségur Castle)

The morning starts with a visit to the Niaux Grotto to view the pre-historic cave paintings. It is one of the most beautifully decorated caves and a true masterpiece of Paleolithic cave art. Live a unique experience in the heart of prehistory with the help of a flashlight and accompanied by a guide, go back in time to the Black Room, admire on the walls, a parade of magnificent bison, horses, ibex, deer and mammals created by our ancestors.

After lunch it's back on the road to visit Montségur Castle. Montségur Castle is one of the most important Cathar castles in the Cathar Country because it was the last focus of Cathar resistance against the Crusaders. The stronghold was besieged for ten months before being taken by the royal army in March 1244. After the surrender, all the Cathars who refused to deny their Cathar beliefs were burned at the stake. In all, two hundred people, all voluntary Cathars, died in the fire. It was reported that some even sang during their sacrifice.

If you would like to add additional Cathar sites or stop off at some of the vineyards of Ariège and Aude we are more than happy to tailor this tour to better suit your itinerary or wishes. With a multitude of choices available in Cathar Country, we are happy to add or extend your itinerary.

  • Accommodation
  • 2 Nights in a Gite
  • Also Included
  • Visit to Châteaux de Foix
  • Visit to Château de Lagarde
  • Visit to Niaux Cave & Grotto
  • Visit to Châteaux Montségur