Fronton AOC & Gaillac AOC

South West Vineyards

Vineyard tour of the Haut-Pays vineyards with a visit to one of the most beautiful châteaux in Occitanie Châteaux Lastours. During your stay you will visit the vineyards of Haut-Pays and learn about Fronton AOC and Gallic AOC where you will enjoy a private tour visiting some great wineries followed by an extensive tasting of red, rosé and white wines.

Hotel Information (Hotel de la Cité, Carcassonne)

The Hotel de la Cité is an integral part of the history of Carcassonne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the very heart of the medieval city and built on the site of the former bishop’s palace. This 5-star hotel stands next to the Saint-Nazaire Basilica and overlooks the lower town from the ramparts, offering an enchanting view over the city, its gardens, its walls and its stones that have been there for centuries. With its distinct and original atmosphere and its strong links to the history of the region, the Hotel de la Cité is a wonderful place to stay and emmerse yourself in the medieval city of Carcassonne.

Day One

Relax with direct flights to Carcassone or Toulon–Hyères, on arrival you will meet your private driver for a transfer to the hotel. Once settled into this grand boutique hotel we will take you on a walking tour of Carcassone where you will sample some fantastic wine and food of the region.

Day Two

You day starts with a visit to Domaine le Roc to find out more about Fronton AOC; Located in the heart of South West France, between Garonne and Tarn rivers, the Domaine du Roc is a small family owned winery.

Next stop is an organic wine grower in the Fronton AOC: Château Boujac Organic where the passion for vine and wine is passed on from generation to generation at the Château Boujac winery. The the winery has a 30 hectares vineyard. Since 2008, in order to better respect both environment the vineyard has been run with the organic farming certification.

After lunch you then take the short drive to view Châteaux Lastours where you will learn about some of the history of this amazing place including the Lords of Cabaret and the Cathar Crusade.

Located close to Albi, Toulouse and Montauban, the Château Lastours (Las Tours = "Les Tours" - the towers in French) is an old family owned winery, in the heart of the Gaillac AOC wine appellation. Records dating from 1579 have been found and confirm that the Faramond family was already there at the winery. Running a 50-hectare vineyard in a pretty winery near the Tarn river. You will be able to discover the contribution of the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint Michel de Gaillac as well as of the Counts of Toulouse to the development of the vineyard.

Day Three

The day to take at your leisure, however we can arrange for some activities before your flight home. Some options include a trip to visit some of the famous castles and landmarks of the region or if you are still in the mood to learn about wine we can arrange for you to visit some of the other appellations and visit some more of the local wine growers before your private transfer to the airport for your flight home.