Estate Shoots

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Royal Deeside

The diverse and dramatic natural environment of Scotland provides spectacular opportunities for every type of game shooting. From pheasant in the rolling hills of Perthshire, to deer stalking in the rugged Highlands; Scotland has it all.

There is so much more to hunting in Scotland than just the sport. There is a richness of culture and a sense of tradition which you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world. By tailoring every detail of our holidays to each client's needs our holiday packages help you to experience Scotland's culture and unique traditions to the full.

Accommodation & Shoot

We offer Kincardine Castle, Fasque Castle and a number of private estate cottages as a great base from which to enjoy excellent shooting. We can make arrangements with nearby estates to allow you to enjoy a wide variety of sport. Due to the seasonal nature of shooting, and high demand, we recommend planning ahead to allow us to provide you with top quality sport as the number of days available in a year can be relatively few.

Grouse Shoots

The Red Grouse draws the worlds sporting elite to Scotland every August. It is sport on a grand scale and the beauty of the experience is matched only by the country in which the birds live. A day’s grouse shooting is an experience to cherish and an invitation that is coveted above all others.

We have close links with various Scottish estates with whom we have very good relations and can arrange sport for both walked up and driven parties. Walked up shoots are limited for groups of four or five guns or driven pheasant shoots for groups of 6 to 8 guns.

Shooting Season Dates
Red Grouse - (12th August - 10th December)

Partridge & Pheasant Shoots

Pheasant and partridge are the mainstay of sport during the autumn and winter months and the camaraderie, traditions and consistently exhilarating sport draws people to Scotland from around the world.

We have close links with Scotland’s premier pheasant and partridge shoots and whether you are looking for stately parkland drives or wild rough sport we would be delighted to assist and advise on the best options for your party.

Shooting Season Dates
Partridge - (1st September - 1st February)
Pheasant - (1st October - 1st February)

Stalking for Roe and Red Deer

Throughout the various seasons there are excellent opportunities for all types shooting with various Strathspey estates with whom we have very good relations. Stalking in Scotland is a sport that has changed little through the decades and it is enduringly popular. It is a pursuit that takes its enthusiasts to some of Scotland’s wildest and most dramatic terrain and it is powerful draw.

Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an experienced stalker looking for a new challenge please do not hesitate to get in touch. We work closely with estates throughout Scotland and can offer single days or full weeks for both stags and hinds.

Stalking/Hunting Season Dates
Red Stags - (July 1st - October 20th)
Red Hinds - (October 21st - February 15th)
Roe Bucks - (April 1st - October 20th)
Roe Does - (October 21st - March 31st)

Accommodation for your stay

And, if you're planning on spending your time enjoying many country sports during your visit to Scotland, why not a stay at one of our castles or private estate cottages offered by one of our regional partners? The perfect base to immerse yourself in this historic sport, you will be able to enjoy a delicious dinner, a great night's rest and a hearty breakfast before the shoot's organiser lead the hunt the next day!

For groups visiting from abroad we can arrange a full airport to airport service to your accommodation.