Distillery Tours

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Royal Deeside

Nature provides the ingredients for Aberdeenshire's "water of life". Whether it's the toasted barley from the fertile farmlands, the crystal-clear mountain water from burns and springs, the smoky peats and heather honey from heath and moors, the whisky distilleries are busy bottling the essence of this beautiful part of Scotland.

Off the tourist track you'll find "The Secret Malts of Aberdeenshire", produced by a cluster of distilleries dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. Here you can get right up close to traditional skills in rural settings among picturesque villages, wooded hills and rolling fields at places like the Ardmore, Fettercairn, GlenDronach or Knockdhu distilleries, or out on the coast for Glenglassaugh or into the Cairngorms for Royal Lochnagar.

Whisky Tours

Take a trip deep into the Scottish glens or venture out towards the rugged coast where you are sure to stumble across one of our treasured distilleries. Here, find out for yourself just why we call whisky the 'uisge beatha' or water of life.

Many of these traditionally Scottish distilleries will let you pay an informal visit; some may ask you to make an appointment. Others offer regular guided tour led by experienced distillers. Tours range from basic to detailed - suitable for any enthusiast. Best of all, some distilleries offer tutored tastings.

Many whiskies continue to be religiously handcrafted using the same historic skill of distillation. Visiting our distilleries is a great way to get a feel for the unique distillation process as well as a real feel for the rich culture and history of Royal Deeside whisky making. And if you're lucky, there's even the option to bottle the essence of this magical place straight from a specially selected cask - an experience not to be sniffed at!

The Malt Whisky Trail

The Malt Whisky Trail is made up of nine locations, each one sitting in the Speyside whisky region. Speyside is home to the world’s largest concentration of Scotch malt whisky distilleries. Our sites range from global brands to more boutique producers.

As you travel the Trail, you will encounter the men and women who are the guardians of generations of know-how. These are the masters of whisky, and you will only find them here on the Malt Whisky Trail. All of our sites offer guided tours, offering you the opportunity to meet the masters and gain a new insight into Scotland’s national drink.

The Malt Whisky Trail which is an essential tool for any tourist wishing to visit a whisky distillery in the Speyside area. The Malt Whisky Trail offers visitors the opportunity to plan and visit distilleries in Speyside and include many of the most famous brands including Cardhu, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Strathilsa, Benromach to name a few and also include the Speyside Cooperage which is the only visitor centre in the UK which allows visitors to see the coopers at work.