Corsica Beaches

Corsica Beaches

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Corsica has one of the highest sunshine records in France, with an average of 2,793 hours per year - that is 7.5 hours a day! and what better way to enjoy that sunshine than on the island of Corsica where the choice of sun, sand and sea is endless.

With 200 beaches along a stunning 1000km coastline. The wide range of choice can make finding that perfect sandy spot quite a challenge. We aim to ease your beach-filled troubles by presenting 10 of our favourite Corsica beaches in the hope we can inspire you to find out more about Corsica.

From wide bays dotted with smooth rocks to remote sandy beaches that can only be accessed by boat, Corsica offers a jaw-dropping range of options for a day on the coast.

Corsica is often said to have some of the most attractive beaches in the whole of France. That’s saying something for a country that boasts swathes of sandy surfing beaches from Brittany to Biarritz on the Atlantic coast, and the perennially popular Côte d’Azur on the Mediterranean coast.

Arinella Beach (Haute-Corse – Corsica)

Discovered to the west of the picturesque town of Lumio, Arinella Beach in Corsica is a peaceful spot backed by verdant hills and fronted by clear turquoise water. The soft sand is rarely busy, given the beach’s isolated location, though many prefer to spend their time in the water, especially due to the great snorkelling conditions. Calvi is the perfect base for if you're hoping to spend time on Arinella Beach during your Corsica holiday.

Bodri Beach (Haute-Corse – Corsica)

Back to la Balagne, Bodri Beach is another stunning strip of sand in easy reach of those spending their holidays in Calvi. This unspoilt beach is defined by its soft sloping sand and clear ocean, perfect for some snorkelling or a refreshing dip amid the heat of the day.

Calvi Beach (Haute-Corse – Corsica)

Offering wonderful views of the town and its magnificent Citadel, Calvi Beach is a sweeping bay of powdered white sand enjoys some of the clearest water on the island. The 6km-stretch ensures there is plenty of room while the beach’s proximity to a range of bars and eateries servinf regional produce will allow you to remain fuelled throughout your visit.

Loto Beach & Saleccia Beach (Haute-Corse – Corsica)

Loto Beach & Saleccia Beach (Haute-Corse – Corsica)

Plage de Saleccia on the northern coast of Corsica is one of the most deserted strips of white sand on the island. Its beauty lies in its undeveloped coastline – the only thing in view along its half-mile-long stretch of sand is the Mediterranean shrub maquis, which is scattered along the coast. When the beach gets busier in August, a good way to visit – like many locals – is to travel by boat, mooring offshore and lounging on deck of your yacht. Saleccia Beach is another of this coastline's prized gems, defined by a kilometer curve of pearl-white sand.

To the west of Saleccia, in the next bay along, is Lotu Beach. It sits at the exit of a little lake, Étang de Lotu, and is comprised of two separate beaches, Little Lotu and Big Lotu. Both Lotu beaches are quiet and calm, remaining undeveloped. There is, however, one restaurant, the divine La Cabane du Lodu, where you can enjoy delicious lamb cutlets or grilled prawns with your feet almost touching the ocean. One of the best places to base yourself for visits to Loto Beach and Saleccia Beach is in the beautiful oasis of St Florent.

Palombaggia Beach & Santa Giulia Beach (Corse-du-Sud - Corsica)

For many, Palombaggia Beach is the finest on the entire island. Its location in the south of Corsica hosts several great beaches, so dismissing Palombaggia during your Corsica holiday is a big mistake. The same can be said for Santa Giulia Beach, a remarkable curve of sand that wouldn’t look out of place in the Caribbean. Porto Vecchio is a fascinating and vibrant place to stay for those hoping to hop from beach to beach.

Pinarello Beach & San Ciprianu Beach (Corse-du-Sud - Corsica)

Located to the north of Palombaggia Beach and the city of Porto Vecchio, Pinarello Beach is another of L'Extreme Sud's finest coastal gems. Its breathtaking sweep of yellow sand is joined by warm shallow water, perfect for the little ones to splash around in. Nearby San Ciprianu is another top pick, presenting an awe-inspiring half-moon of white sand and gorgeous turquoise water.

Ostriconi Beach (Haute-Corse – Corsica)

A short drive from L’Ile Rousse and discovered between the mountains and the sea, this wild and striking location is home to the spectacular Ostriconi Beach. It’s somewhat isolated location ensures that the sand is never busy, while the turquoise waters are just as stunning as the undulating landscapes which surround it. Further to the east of Bodri Beach and L'ile-Rousse is beautiful Ostriconi Beach.

Nearby, l’Île-Rousse is the biggest town and it offers a historical diversion on a beach day. L’Île-Rousse is an active port and ferries come in from Marseille, Toulon and Nice.

Campomoro Beach (Corse-du-Sud - Corsica)

A peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the crowds, Campomoro Beach is a small and charming seaside resort. The clear blue water and long stretch of sand is surrounded by picturesque mountainous landscapes, reinforcing a sense of blissful solitude.

Cupabia Beach (Corse-du-Sud - Corsica)

Located beyond Porto Pollo, this beautiful beach is a popular jaunt for sun worshippers. Cupabia Beach is defined by dramatic jutting rocks and soft white sand, while a nearby café serves up refreshments for the day, including ice creams and cold drinks. Ajaccio, Olmeto and Capicciolo are great places to base yourself during a holiday in Corsica.

Rondinara Beach (Corse-du-Sud - Corsica)

Sitting to the north of Bonifacio, the alluring crescent shaped stretch of golden sand at Rondinara is not as busy as the more well-known beaches of Santa Giulia and Palombaggia. Its gently shelving sands ans snorkelling opportunities make it very popular with families, and the turquoise sea is almost impossible to resist! The bay is more sheltered than others on the island because it is situated between two large promontory rocks, which protect it from the wind off the sea beyond.

A stay in Bonifacio is one of the best options for those hoping to explore Rondinara Beach and the culture and history of Corsica.

Sperone (Corse-du-Sud - Corsica)

In the hilly terrain to the south of Corsica, Petit Sperone and Grand Sperone battle it out for the title of best rugged beach. It can however be difficult to find either – you have to set your satnav to a place called Piantarella. Trample through the countryside in a southerly direction for 15 minutes and you’ll reach dunes and a shallow cove called Petit Sperone, which is only 100 metres long. Its larger sister cove, Grand Sperone, is a further short trek south around the coastline – follow the golf course and walk down from the cliffs. Grand Sperone has large rocks to shelter from the sun and several metres of knee-deep water before it gets deep enough to plunge in. Whichever Sperone beach you choose, make sure you wear sturdy walking shoes for the journey down.