Destination Èze

Full of Medieval charm

Your jaw will drop at the gorgeous view of the Mediterranean from Eze, a charming medieval hilltop village on the Cote d’Azur.

Èze is a charming medieval village, often called an “eagle's nest”, perched on a rocky peak offering gorgeous panoramic views on the Mediterranean Sea. With its Botanical Garden of Èze - Jardin Botanique-famous for its collection of cacti and exotic plants, its microclimate and its picturesque scenery, Èze attracts honeymooners as well as tourists eager to immerse into its mystical atmosphere.

Inside the medieval walls, Èze is a bustling little village, with twisting alleyways full of steps winding up to the top of the town that is filled with little shops, boutiques and restaurants including a sales outlet of the nearby Fragonard Perfume Factory.

It is easy to spend an afternoon wandering and exploring inside the walls of Èze and staying for dinner to enjoy the outstanding view overlooking the Cote D’Azur. Now thought of as a “museum village”, Èze is one of thirteen villages in France grouped to form the Route des Villages Perches (Route of the Perched Villages).

Èze is a walking village, as all cars are left outside the walled city in a car park at the bottom of the final peak upon which the city was built. Visitors walk up the path to the walled city gates to enter and wander along the cobblestoned alleyways with the multitude of steps that wind up and down the hilltop inside the walls. At one of the highest points inside Èze is the Chevre d’Or hotel with its 2 Michelin-star restaurant. Be warned reservations are a must, however, the food is outstanding and the views overlooking the Cote D’Azur are outstanding from your table.