Yacht Itineraries

Summer/Winter 2019

Below are samples of luxury yacht charter itineraries for private crewed yachts which cover the Western Mediterranean.

Our suggested itineraries are here to offer inspiration and give you a feel for the area and some of the best things to do whilst sailing here. As well as our suggested itineraries we will be able to create a bespoke yacht vacation itinerary for you and your party, based on your own requirements and time of year you wish to travel.

French Riviera

The picturesque towns and villages dotted along the slender curve of the French Riviera have long been a legendary yacht charter destination. From sun-drenched beaches and winding vineyards to world-class restaurants and glamorous waterfront bars, this celebrated coastline is infinite in its appeal.

Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera combines antiquated charm with exquisite natural beauty for perfect for an enchanting yacht charter. Cruising the coast, yacht-goers will experience the alluring magic of its pastel-coloured villages perched atop rugged hilltops, as well as glorious stretches of golden sand lapped by crystal clear waters and exclusive Italian resorts.